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Melbourne Occupational Therapy Outreach Recovery Service

Together we have more than 40 years experience delivering occupational therapy assessment and treatment to consumers with a range of mental health diagnoses, We will provide you with an individually tailored report with meaningful goals that will help you achieve your potential.

We have extensive experience in the forensic mental health and criminal justice fields. We are well placed to support those who find themselves in difficult situations, whether that's being released from prison or after a long stay in hospital.

Our values of collaboration, integrity, innovation, leadership and fun will ensure that you receive a timely, consumer focussed and evidence based service.


Clinical Services

Always consumer focussed and evidence based.



We use a range of evidence based assessments to ensure that we capture your story and use the findings to make goals achievable and easy to measure.

Treatment Planning

Treatment planning is a collaborative process that helps translate your goals into achievable steps. We will also help identify other services that may be able to help turn these goals in to a reality.

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Interventions that we offer are guided by the treatment planning process. Whether it is learning a new skill like using public transport, getting fit, looking for work  or learning to manage your emotions - we are here to help.

Report Writing

We will provide a written report that details all of the information that has been gathered during our sessions together. At the end of the report we will make recommendations that will help you achieve your goals. Your therapist will always meet with you to go through the report before it is finalised.


Progress & Evaluation

We will check in with you a few months later to see what progress you've made towards achieving your goals. If you need more time, if the interventions need adjustments or if you've achieved your goals we'll record that too. We might provide you with a brief progress report after this meeting.

Contact us to help us achieve your goals.


Training & Supervision

Non clinical services

Job Interview


With access to a range of supervisors MOTORS is able to offer clinical supervision to AHPRA registered occupational therapists either individually or as part of a group, utilising a variety of approaches tailored to your needs. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


MOTORS staff have a wealth of experience in delivering training to a variety of professional audiences within the mental health field. From guest lectures to undergraduate occupational therapists, half-day tailored programs specifically for disability support workers to OT Australia endorsed full day, statewide workshops, MOTORS would be keen to discuss your training needs with you.


Our Team

The passion and experience behind the business


Ian Davey

Owner and Director

Ian has more than 30 years international experience as a clinician and senior manager in both community and high, medium and low secure forensic mental health settings. He has managed a large occupational therapy team and subcontracted health, leisure and education services. His interest in and drive for evidence based practice has led to a number of conference presentations and publications and he has provided inter-state consultation and assessment.


Jaime Jenkinson

Owner and Director

Jaime has more than 10 years experience working in community, inpatient, secure and correctional settings. She has clinical experience in forensic mental health, clinical community mental health, dual diagnosis and offender risk assessment and intervention.
Her experience allows for comprehensive assessment and supported intervention for consumers from varied and complex backgrounds.



The Answers You Need

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy supports people of all abilities to engage in activities (i.e. their occupations) that they find meaningful. Including leisure, self-care and productivity.

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Who can access MOTORS?

Please use the contact us page and we will call you to discuss your needs.

How does MOTORS work?

You or your representative (either family member, healthcare or support worker) makes contact with us via email. We will speak to you on the phone and once it is agreed that we can help you we will draw up a service agreement. This will include everything you can expect from us. We will organise to meet you at a place & time that's convenient for you.

We will chat to you about a range of things to do with your everyday life We might ask to watch you do some things (cook a meal or pay a bill for example). During this meeting (which we call the assessment) we will be taking notes which we use to write a report.

We might need to meet you a few times and maybe in different places to get all the information we need.

With your permission, we might also talk to others who know you well, this helps us get the best idea of how we can help you.

Next, we will write a report that highlights your strengths and areas that we agree you need to work on to achieve your goals (treatment planning).

At this point, we'll either agree that we can work with you on those areas, or we might recommend other services in your area to work with you (intervention).

We will meet with you a few months later to see how you have been doing and if the interventions you've been working on have helped you to achieve your goals.

At this meeting we might suggest some changes to the interventions. We might agree to carry on, or if you've achieved your goals we might agree that you no longer need our services. We will write a brief report following that meeting to summarise your progress (we call this the evaluation).


All our occupational therapists are registered with AHPRA (Allied Health Professions Regulation Agency). This provides you with confidence that the services you receive from us are of the highest professional standards.

How do we manage your personal information?

Your personal information is important  and will only used by us. It will not be shared with anyone else without your consent. MOTORS abides by the Privacy Act (1988), the Health Records Act (Vic) (2001). 
We will never sell, trade or otherwise transfer your information to other companies. This policy relates to any information gathered about you, either through this website or the course of our business. By using our website you consent to our privacy policy. 
The information you provide is protected by a number of security measures to maintain the safety and security of your personal information. 
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We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and acknowledge them as the traditional owners of the land upon which we live and work. We pay our respects to their elders past, present and emerging.

We acknowledge all people who have personal experience of mental illness.The voice of people with lived experience is essential in the development of our work.